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Looking to purchase your new Prodeco Technologies Electronic Bike or have questions about them, well look no further. This site is setup so you can easily find an authorized dealer. We also encurage you to post any info or expereinces with particular Prodeco dealers so people can be informed!


Prodeco Outlaw SS

With 2013 here and the release of the new Prodeco Outlaw Series electric bike we are happy to finally see this amazing bike show up for sale on Amazon.

There are many great dealers in your local area that we encourage people to buy from however, there are also many areas that still do not have the Prodeco Tech ebike line-up. With this in mind we have always had success stories of people making their purchases on Amazon.com.  This is particularly important when making a purchase of this amount.

No Prodeco Dealer near you?

If this is the case, it is just a matter of time before Prodeco Technologies shows up near you. in the meantime, Amazon is now offering the new Outlaw series ebikes direct and ships for FREE!

Check the latest Prodeco Outlaw eBikes on Amazon.

Wow Price Drop on this Outlaw ebike
Prodeco V3 Outlaw SE 8 Speed Electric Bicycle, Pearlescent White Metallic, 26-Inch/One Size

Brick & Mortar Dealers

From what we have seen and read Prodeco Technologies holds their authorized dealers to very high standards. It seems they only have a small amount of “virtual” dealers, these are dealers who do not have a physical location or shop and operate strictly online.

We also have heard they might be phasing this out and sticking with ONLY brick and mortar dealers.  Dealers who have a repair shop, location, and can not only sell the Prodeco line but also service.

This is going above and beyond your typical company trying to make a buck. Prodeco Technologies seem to have a long term business plan in mind and not just be another cookie cutter company. You can tell this by the product warranty they offer on their electric bikes. You can also see the attention to detail on every bike they have put out so far. This goes a long way in the biking community, and will go a long way with the general population. Electric bikes are coming and 2013 is just the beginning.



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